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mecha-mammoth mayhem! mecha-mammoth mayhem!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

amazing work once again!

how do you come up with these wonderful, quirky ideas for your characters? i'd love to spend a day with your artistic imagination! lolol

i really like your colour choice (again)! i thought it was sick how you created a natural vignette that melded with the rest of the work. 5/5 my man.

jouste responds:

to be honest i think its just practice, as lame as that sounds.

but i've been making up characters as long as i can remember. like in long car rides with my mom when i was really young i'd make up stuff while staring out the window.

thanks for the props on the coloring! its something i really gotta work on.


Roller Babe Roller Babe

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i especially enjoyed your colour choice and unique cel-shading style. the only qualm i have is her right foot, which looks just a tad bit awkward.

lockebelmont responds:

Yeah others have said that before and i totally agree. Thanks for still enjoying it though

One Love One Love

Rated 5 / 5 stars


to mother mary who we pray :D

Emotional Catharsis Emotional Catharsis

Rated 5 / 5 stars


tears become thorny chains, which in turn become tubes and wires that tear the man open yet keep him alive, promised eternity (accentuated by an infinity sign on the bottom, kudos) is seen as hell and the gates of heaven are actually gates to a cemetery, topped by an upside down cross.. the paper is blotted on the upper parts by... tears? or maybe accidental water stains hahaha. i thought it added to the work, whether intentional or not. interesting symbolism sir.

you have amazing attention to detail. also, i think it's a gift that you can put your emotions into coherent drawings such as this one.

just one question i had.. why do you have "wtf?"s in your works? is it because you don't pay attention to what you're drawing until you stop and step back to look at it? or was it directed in regards to your emotions then?

great job, 10/10. keep the good work up and keep feeling it. sometimes you need those feelings to see through the all the bullshit in your eyes.

bitterritter responds:

you were right on the first time actually. Whenever I draw it's because of some kind of emotional overload and it spills out onto paper before I can really grasp what I'm thinking about or doing. Then I become engrossed in the project and embellish every last drop of emotions whether it be good or bad into it. Quite literally a mirror into my mind. I feel pain or think about it and my immediate response is to visualize it in my mind. It gets a little complex but the concept itself is quite simple. Thank you very much for your kind words. I greatly appreciate it! Cheers!!!

Rat in the Window Rat in the Window

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


have a flashback. :D

the detail on the rat is pretty good. only thing that bothered me was the city. as it fades into the back, the shadows should be becoming lighter not darker. also, the grid pattern of the streets should be going like this / \. or the street to the far left could just be more tilted. if you know what i mean.

yeah but it kind of reminded me of the redwall series that i used to read back in elementary school. thanks for the bit of nostalgia.

i'm sure you've improved a lot since a year ago. it takes courage to post old works! good job!

behead behead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice

love the contrast in colours and the dark mood :D
kind of reminiscent of pyramid head from silent hill..

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

just a bit of constructive criticsm

like TylinaVespart said below me, you should work on cleaning up your edges. you did a good job on the background but i feel like it's a bit distracting from the centerpiece because there's less detail on the girl than on the background. the cel-shading on the figure is pretty shaky too- especially on the hair. i couldn't see what kind of effect you were trying to aim for by making the shading on the girl's hair in the back kinda messy and then making it neat again way in the back.

you definitely need to touch up on the face and hand area. the lack of depth in the girl's eyes makes her look like she's in a coma or something. the eyebrow on the left side is lighter than the other, the eyes are uneven, the nostrils are a tad bit misplaced, and the fingers lose clarity as they fade to the left. the way her clothing whipped about made me have to search for her legs (lol). her boobs are uneven too =__=;; but maybe that's because her arm is pushing one side up? it still bothers me though lol. what i'm trying to say is pay attention to details when colouring and try to make the overall image cleaner.

don't take any of this too hard though. just a bit of constructive criticism. are you new to working with a tablet? if so, just keep practicing! you can only get better!

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sweetyluli responds:

Haha ur boobiiiee comment was funny. And acutally I have had a tablet for awhile nowXD. Thanks for all the crituque. I mean I can't get better with out it XD. Yeah I acutally tryed getting the boobbiesss even buttt. I never draw chicks so I was like D:<. But thanks a lot! :3

Orcish Mech Orcish Mech

Rated 5 / 5 stars


love the cross- hatching you did and the creative concept. what a bombass duo they must be on the battlefield LOL. i thought the keychain at the end of the orc mech's sword was pretty funny too. :)

TPSDude responds:

Thanks you, the keychain in my oppinion could of been done better with crossed out eyes than dots, but its too late now.

Niko Bellic Sculpture Niko Bellic Sculpture

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is awesome and deserves a higher overall score than a 7.5/10 so here's my contribution to the average :) some people just have to be d*uchebags and go around trolling like that =.=;;

plus, gta is awesome.

the annelidian rifleman! the annelidian rifleman!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


for some reason, i was really reminded of a napoleonic french soldier. i think the neck brace, the posture, the PSG (piece of a four man tent? lol), breech style tights, and his slow firing rifle did it :) tell me, what was your inspiration?

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jouste responds:

thanks for that informative and interesting review. no one's ever mentioned anything nlike a napoleonic soldier when regarding this piece, a very cool observation!

hmm, my inspiration comes from a lot of things i guess. the national geographic channel is usually on in the background and i love making up zany things from space so i guess that's what happened on this guy.

thanks for the high review pal, always nice to have people drop by and comment on my older artworks.